✓ Who are interested in evolving towards the path of being
✓ Who have the desire to evolve as conscious human beings
✓ Who want to deepen the meaning of their lives
✓ Who want to overcome or move forward in the resolution of traumas or chronic disorders
✓ Who want to explore new therapeutic paths in a safe environment
✓ Who do not identify with an established diagnosis and seek other therapeutic alternatives
✓ Who feel stuck and have difficulty moving forward
✓ Who are looking for meaning beyond the personal
✓ Who want to explore the limits of consciousness beyond the usual
✓ Who distrust pseudo-shamans and pseudo-therapists

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Before you are able to participate in our retreats it is necessary to make an application and a personal interview, in which it will be evaluated if the person does not present any physical or psychological contraindication that prevents him/her from participating, any doubt will be informed and resolved and a previous therapeutic work will be proposed in order to be able to take the maximum possible advantage of the days in the retreat. We kindly ask you to be honest about your medical history as it may represent a risk for you.



Questionnaires and interview. Assessment of the possibility of taking part based on physical or psychological health problems, habitual intake of substances or medications. Each case will be evaluated individually, always weighing possible risks and benefits of participation. We will inform about the dynamics of the retreats and answer all queries . A previous therapeutic work will be indicated in order to initiate the personal internal work.


Although we recommend to actively participate in all the dynamics, this will not be obligatory and some ceremonies, works or exercises could be discouraged individually. The organizing team reserves the right to assess and decide the appropriateness for each participant. In each retreat, ceremonies are combined with one or more master plants appropriate to the moment, duration and group dynamics.


The integration of the experiences will take place during the days of the retreat through group work or individually if the team considers it necessary or the person needs it. Although our goal is that most of the content of the experiences are integrated during the retreat and that the person returns to their daily life normally, we offer an online or face-to-face follow-up (in cases where possible) for those who need special support after the retreat. Each case will be assessed by the team but, in general, aftercare is not included in the cost of the retreat.


We conduct retreats in different places in Spain and Portugal, and scheduled trips to the Amazon jungle of Peru.


Our retreats usually last between 4 to 6 days.

We consider the groups as «living organisms», dynamic and changing, so the program may vary in order to adapt to the needs of the participants as a whole. Information will be attached privately to those who request it.


Accommodation in a shared room
Full board
Integration and psychotherapy

Possibility of an English and/or Russian translator (depending on the number of participants)


Transfers to the place of the retreat

next retreats

🇪🇸 Málaga
From April 18th to April 22nd, 2024

🇵🇪 Peru (Amazon Jungle)
From September 14th to September 22nd, 2024

🇪🇸 Málaga
From November 7th to November 11th, 2024

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