In Transpersonal Trips, our staff will accompany you wherever you want on your transformative and healing journey from the mask of the ego and character, going through the return to the underworld and its visions, deciphering the unconscious to open the doors of perception and be able to access the supraconsciousness  and merge with the consciousness of the Self.

We are interested in all experiences within the spectrum of consciousness that allow us to conceive psychological and spiritual development, integrating East and West, ancestral wisdom and a very pragmatic side based on sessions and practical ceremonies.

The basis of the transpersonal is to work «beyond the person» integrating the collective unconscious into the understanding of the human psyche. The transpersonal consideres archetypes and mysticism, spiritual awakenings, which sometimes becomes into spiritual crises reaching what Stanislav Groff called «spiritual emergencies». He creates the term «transpersonal», understanding the origin of traumas not only in the perinatal period but even in other lives.

Traditional psychiatry continues to focus solely on the organic side, calling disease an emerging of certain symptoms, and interpretating of symptom relief as improvement. Clinical psychology focuses on psychological roots rather than organic roots but without going far beyond childhood traumas. The transpersonal approach helps us understand situations that, in the previous contexts would be understood as mental illness, as an effort of the mind to solve a problem.

From that understanding of transpersonal psychology, you are encouraged to experience the symptoms of that emerging spirituality fully, and to use techniques that intensify and accelerate the process. The use of power plants, shamanism, enneagram, and deep experiential therapy are our tools.

«Transpersonal psychology is the study of human nature and the development that starts from the assumption that human beings have potentialities beyond the limits of the normally developed ego.»

Michael Washburn

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