vicente lópez

I was born and raised in Spain. After working for several years as a professional diver, I pursued training in various specialties related to security and personal protection. Initially, I worked in the private sector, and later I transitioned to the public sector by joining a police force.

My initial exposure to the realm of spirituality and personal development began with martial arts. As time went on, I delved further into practices such as yoga, meditation, and energetic work, incorporating principles from Chinese Medicine and Chi Kung.

My fascination with shamanic practices emerged as a transformative tool in my personal journey of self-discovery. Over time, it evolved into a way of life and a means to assist others on their paths. For numerous years, and even now, I make regular journeys to the Amazon rainforest in Peru and the Sonoran desert in Mexico, immersing myself in the company of various healers and medicine men from indigenous communities such as Shipibo, Shuar, and Comcaac. During these experiences, I engage in plant diets and learn diverse methods of spiritual work, including the use of power chants or ikaros and other techniques.

To bridge these profound experiences with the Western world, I underwent training in Transpersonal Psychology, specifically in the Grof method, with a focus on spiritual emergencies. This training equipped me with a comprehensive therapeutic approach. Alongside Almudena, we have formed a dedicated team and have been conducting both group and individual shamanic ceremonies in various locations around the globe.

As a trance facilitator at Transpersonal Trips, I take on the responsibility of serving as a guide and facilitator during ceremonies. Utilizing various shamanic tools, I create the appropriate protective energy circles to ensure that the ceremonies are carried out with the maximum safety for the participants.



I was born and raised in Andalusia, a region in the southern part of Spain. Driven by my innate desire to assist others, I pursued a degree in Nursing. However, my path eventually led me to engage in professional work within a police force, viewing this transition as an alternative means to continue making a positive impact on people’s lives.

My journey into the realm of non-conventional complementary therapies commenced when I recognized the limitations of allopathic medicine in certain disorders. This realization prompted me to explore the potential of treating individuals with a more complementary and integrative approach. Initially, I embarked on a personal exploration, experimenting on myself and delving into the study, investigation, and understanding of various therapies. Eventually, the compelling evidence of their effectiveness at emotional, mental, and physical levels motivated me to specialize as a Regressive Therapist with a focus on Clinical Hypnosis.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working alongside Vicente, collaborating in organizing transformative ceremonies across different parts of the world.

Within Transpersonal Trips, my role as a coordinator entails ensuring the smooth and organized functioning of all aspects, with the ultimate goal of providing participants with the best possible experience. Additionally, I am responsible for safeguarding the well-being of participants during ceremonies and am prepared to intervene as a nurse if the need arises.


GERARDO provenzano

Born in Rio de la Plata, my quest for knowledge began during my teenage years, which eventually led me to pursue the study of psychology after departing from the realm of medicine. I dedicated myself to researching and studying Oriental philosophy, immersing myself in the world of martial arts and body movement. Alongside these pursuits, I delved into Gestalt therapy, Psychoanalysis, and the works of influential figures such as Freud, Jung, Lacan, and Pichon Riviere. In my explorations, I also uncovered the rich artistic and literary heritage of the River Plate region.

Subsequently, I ventured into the realms of Shiatzu massage, Tai Chi Chuan, Rio Abierto Movement, Biodanza, Hatha and Kriya yoga, the Five Rhythms, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, and Orgonomic Reich Therapy. Eventually, my therapeutic journey led me to conclude with Bioenergetic Analysis and Biosynthesis. This diverse array of modalities propelled me to take on a leadership role, conducting group sessions focused on body movement, psychological exploration, and self-expression in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. In addition, I also provided individual patient care in both countries.

Subsequently, I relocated to the European world, where I immersed myself in my therapeutic work alongside Dr. Claudio Naranjo, engaging with his SAT program, Gestalt Viva, the Enneagram, Buddhist meditation, and the exploration of entheogens. Concurrently, I delved into the study of philosophy and began to develop therapeutic expressive writing as a means of self-expression. Additionally, I established connections with other healing modalities, including Primal Scream, Core Energetics, and Somatic Psychology, among others. For the past 20 years, I have proudly been a member of the Spanish Association of Psychosomatic Therapies (AEP) and the Global Transpersonal Network, nurturing ongoing professional connections and networks.

Currently, I continue my therapeutic work of body-mind integration in both Europe and Latin America. In addition, I have the privilege of teaching the art of psychotherapy through workshops focused on body-oriented psychotherapeutic training. Furthermore, I provide guidance and support to individual patients as they embark on their personal journeys of self-discovery and growth.

As a member of Transpersonal Trips, I take on the responsibility of overseeing the entire body mind psychotherapeutic component of all the workshops, as well as providing bodywork. Whether through group activities or individualized attention, I work  to ensure the well-being of participants. Additionally, I am actively involved in the preparation and integration processes, supporting individuals in their journey of integrating and making sense of their transformative experiences.

You can follow my work on gerardoprovenzano.life and gerardoprovenzano.org

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