The shamanic ceremonies we perform in our workshops offer a psychotherapeutic and transpersonal approach, but at the same time are done following the details of traditions learned directly from indigenous peoples such as the Shipibo of the Amazon jungle or the Comcaac of the Sonoran desert, using ikaros or power chants, drum, flute and maraca sounds, and other energetic tools that allow us to open, hold and close the ceremonial energetic space safely and without energetic contamination for the participants.

Throughout history, the search for and acceptance of the spiritual has been integrated in different cultures as an essential attribute of existence, but only reserved for certain mystics, religious or yogis who underwent intense practices.

In indigenous cultures there have always been initiation rituals for medicine men of the tribe, for people in transition periods such as adolescence, for warriors, and most of the time with the ingestion of substances that led them to states of death, rebirth, and ascension to higher realms.

Today anyone can have access anywhere in the world to experience ceremonies with entheogenic substances. This can be very licit as times change, but at the same time it becomes an exercise of great responsibility for the participant, having to take responsibility for deciding if he/she really needs to experiment with these shamanic substances, and above all if he/she will be prepared to live an experience that can go from something defined as having apparently little effect, to taking him/her to an experience of death and rebirth.

In any case, these experiences always make sense in a ceremonial and ritual context, with the right original tools, and under the physical and energetic guidance and supervision of specialized people who can hold that space both physically and energetically.

Every time you are able to observe your mind is because you are not trapped in it…that is the secret to shine with authenticity from your heart.

Carlos Castaneda


Bufo Alvarius

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